How to Obtain Health Insurance For Auto Workers Who Have Lost Their Coverage

The automotive industry has taken some huge hits, and the auto workers in Michigan seem to have been hit especially hard. With loss of jobs creates many issues, including the loss of health insurance. If you are one of the thousands who have recently been told your job is terminated, or soon will be, here are some options to consider to keep your current health insurance, or find a new individual health insurance policy.If you want to keep the plan you had from your employer, more then likely you will have the option to elect COBRA, which is the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985. COBRA generally covers health plans held by employers with 20 or more employees. In the past many have found that COBRA was a very expensive option, and sometimes too expensive to select. Now there are new COBRA rules that are in effect that will make COBRA the first option to look into. Under the new law, employees who lose their jobs involuntarily and wish to continue health insurance, will only have to pay 35% of the premium, and government will subsidize the remaining 65% for nine months.You may find that even with the new laws regarding COBRA, individual health insurance can still be more affordable. A great way to start looking into the option of cheap health plans is to go online. You will find health insurance terms, definitions, place to request quotes, and apply online.Another option will be to contact a local Michigan insurance agent and discuss what it is that you need and want. Ask questions about deductibles, co-pays, prescription coverage to make sure that the plans you will be getting quotes on will work for your situation. Then let the expert do the work for you at that point. Never will you be committed to anything so do not be afraid to submit an application with your agent.Many insurance carriers offer high quality, affordable, and easy to obtain health plans. Ask your agent what companies are good and have competitive rates in your area. Or ask friends and family who they are insured through and if they would recommend the carrier.